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High Jelwelry Collection "SHAMANIC DREAMS"

Larissa Panok Nicolai   Huichol , high jewelry, shamanic

Major Art pieces are never only stunning objects, they’re always an interrogation about who’s creating them.
The New Lydia Courteillecollection, fusions exceptional arts-the traditional Huichol Craft and High Jewellery, communion of a symbolic narrative and mystic shamanism. The extraordinary craft k...


Second book about Lydia Courteille

Larissa Panok Nicolai   Lydia Courteille , Book , High Jewelry

"A Jeweller’s Odyssey"

For more than 40 years, Parisian jeweller Lydia Courteille has been confounding the Place Vendome jewellery houses with her bold and brazen designs. Her unique and avant-garde style is legendary. Her collections spark the senses. In this impassioned new biography, Juliet Weir-d...


Lydia Courteille at The Couture Show

Larissa Panok Nicolai   Las Vegas, Lydia Courteille , High Jewelry

Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!


Lydia Courteille x Bergdorf Goodman

Larissa Panok Nicolai   Trunk Show , Lydia Courteille, Bergdorf Goodman, NYC, High Jewellery

Looking forward to meeting you there!


Trunkshow in Grange Hall, Dallas

Larissa Panok Nicolai   Lydia Courteille, Trunkshow, Dallas, High Jewellery

Lydia Courteille personally and Grange Hall, Dallas
are pleased to invite you to discover

High Jewellery Collection "Indian Song"
and other masterpieces

during Trunk Show
April 4th- 5th, 2023
Grange Hall-
DALLAS, TX 75205