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Extraordinary Jewellery of Imagination and Dreams

Lydia Courteille is delighted to present you her first book "Lydia Courteille - Extraordinary Jewellery of Imagination and Dreams" by Juliet Weir - de La Rochefoucauld.

For over thirty years Lydia Courteille has made a name for herself in the world of French high jewellery known for her 'Conversation Jewels'. Her brand has gradually become internationally known due to the audacious, creative and humorous themes that co-exist in each of her jewels.

Lydia wanted a book which created a special relationship between the reader and herself, which explained her initial career path as a biochemist leading on to that of an antique dealer and then as a jewellery designer. The book talks about her visits to faraway places, the books she has read, her visits to museums and the in-depth knowledge that she has forged over the years which have helped inspire her universe and her highly original collections...


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