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Lydia Courteille in the March issue of L'Officiel France

J. Mazur   Lydia Courteille, L'Officiel, jewels, ring, Topkapi

The March 2017 issue of L'Officiel France publishes an enthusiastic article about Lydia Courteille jewels, and the Suleiman the Magnificent ring, from the Topkapi collection


Extraordinary Jewellery of Imagination and Dreams : Lydia Courteille's exceeded 1 500 sales !

J. Mazur   Jewellery, Lydia Courteille, jewels

The first book dedicated to Lydia Courteille's creations and published in October 2016, have been sold more than 1 500 !

Extraordinary Jewellery of Imagination and Dreams is about how Lydia Courteille begin a jewellery designer after she was a biochimist, and an antique dealer. It's also about the 30...


The "Homage to Surrealism" bracelet in the March issue of Mojeh

J. Mazur   Surrealism, Lydia Courteille, jewel, bracelet, diamonds

The Lydia Courteille iconic collection "Homage to Surrealism" has always a great success. You can find this month again the Skull bracelet in the March 2017 issue of Mojeh magazine. 
Jewel in 18k gold, diamonds, brown diamonds and black diamonds. 


Lydia Courteille in the Spring issue of Inside Weddings

J. Mazur   jewels, Lydia Courteille, ring, earrings, weddings

Ring and earrings from the Deep Sea collection.


Lydia Courteille in Vogue Australie

J. Mazur   Lydia Courteille, earrings, Vogue, jewels

Lydia Courteille's jewels have a great place in the last Vogue Australia ( March 2017), with these earrings from Zodiac Collection ( sapphires and diamonds ) and from Deep Sea Collection ( sapphires ).