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New article on The Jewellery Editor : "Lydia Courteille Queen of the Desert"

J. Mazur   Lydia Courteille, Sahara, jewellery

The Jewellery Editor crown Lydia Courteille " Queen of the Desert" in a beautiful article about the last collection, Sahara.


A magnetic collection of Australian Boulder opals is at the heart of Parisian jeweller Lydia Courteille’s new Sahara collection.
An intrepid traveller, Lydia Courteil...


On "The Eye of Jewelry" : A talk with Lydia Courteille

J. Mazur   Lydia Courteille, The eye of Jewelry

The authors of The Eye Of Jewelry have met Lydia Courteille. She introduced them her book and creations, and that talk made a beautiful and interesting interview.


As a former antique jewelry dealer, Lydia Courteille founded her eponymous brand in 1987 from which her inspiration remains inta...


Lydia Courteille in The Jewellery Historian Magazine

J. Mazur   Jewellery HIstorian, Necklace, Lydia Courteille

The Jewellery Historian Magazine loved the Xochimilco Gardens Necklace ! You can see it in the Spring issue.

Necklace 18k gold, fancy sapphires 9.93 cts, tsavorites 2.37 grs, opales 13.96 grs.
Price upon request : contact@lydiacourteille.com


Lydia Courteille earrings in The Ritz Carlton Magazine

J. Mazur   Lydia Courteille, earrings, Scarlett Empress

It's the year of the ear ! And what better than Lydia Courteille earrings to make it lovely ?
The Ritz Carlton magazine chose asymmetric earrings from the Scarlett Empress Collection, in ruby and red tourmaline. 

Earrings n°553599 Scarlett Empress, 18k gold, ruby 1,20ct, red turmalin. Price upon reque...


Art & Jewels of the World : Lydia Courteille will be in Baku from the 26th to the 28th of April

J. Mazur   Lydia Courteille, jewels, Baku

Lydia Courteille will expose jewels at the prestigious "Art & Jewels of the World" fair in Bakou, Azerbaïjan, from the 26th to the 28th of April.
She will present one of a kind pieces from the Sahara new collection, and also from the iconic collection Topkapi, inspired by the Istanbul Palace.

Art & ...