Vintage jewelry

Lydia Сourteille, a pаssionate antiquity dealer, a wink to her first love

19th century jewelry

When platinum was not yet considered as noble material...
Important sets, gold "soufflé" and semi-precious stones: magnificent period in jewelry and of course a part of our heritage.

Art Deco jewelry

A turning point in fashion and jewelry history: women are wearing their hair short, the lines are pure and corsets are forgotten!
Under the "industrial" influences the shapes become more abstract.

Jewelry from 1940

The jewelry is "heavier" and becomes a "shelter value". It is a war time in Europe...

Jewelry from 1950

The jewelry is in white gold and embelished with diamonds: lots of "navettes" and abstract shapes. It is a reign of Sterlé. 

Jewelry from 1970

A return to figurative shapes and yellow gold. After 1970 the mix of semi-precious stones is in honor: coral, onyx, chrysoprases....