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New wedding rings by Lydia Courteille - Vogue publication

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Come visit Lydia Courteille for unexpected wedding rings ! Once again, Lydia Courteille breaks the rules with unexpected wedding rings, will be you ready to wear a gold, topaze and diamonds bird  inspired from the mysterious Nazca lines as wedding ring ????
Thank you Vogue to always on the same wave...


Lydia Courteille's creations featured in Vogue Paris!

Hélène Furgé   Vogue Paris, Sahara, Coktail ring, Phosphosiderite, Secret Garden

Very proud to be in March edition of magazine Vogue Paris, where Lydia Courteille's creations are featured, especially an amazing visal with our Sahara necklace, in yellow sapphires and australian opals!

"Flowers" coktail rings are also amazingly featured: a shining rose ring, and two phosphosiderite...


Lydia Courteille celebrates 30 years!

Hélène Furgé   30 years, birthday, vintage , antic, new collection, high jewelery

Lydia Courteille opened her first antique shop 30 years ago, at the end fof 1987, collecting pieces from 18th century to 1980's.

In 1998,Lydia Courteille officially launched her own jewelry line, with 57 collections so far!

For this occasion, Lydia Courteille welcomes you to her Parisian flagship! Ple...


Lydia Courteille launches her new collection for Haute Couture 2018

Hélène Furgé   rhodochrosite, argentina, Haute Couture 2018 , Fashion Week , Inca , Spanish


Lydia Courteille introduces her new collection, freely inspired by most of the
influences componing the argentina civilization.

She draws her inspiration from her trips and travels. Colors, clothes, wildlife are
indless sources of inspiration. But, among all, imagine each jewel around the...


Rihanna, special guest for the Vogue Paris Christmas 2017

Hélène Furgé   Rihanna, Vogue Paris, Christmas, earrings, Sweet & sour, Indian Legend

This year, Rihanna is Vogue’s Paris special guest for their Christmas edition. After Karl Lagerfeld last year, she has taken a turn in the editor’s chair!

For this occasion, three fashion and famous photographers captured the different facets of the singer, “her universe, her passions, her st...