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Sotheby's In Bloom: selling exhibition of floral jewels

Larissa Panok Nicolai   Lydia Courteille, Sothebys, auction, nyc , ny, jewellery , floral jewels, floral ring

Two  floral rings by Lydia Courteille will be on sale at Sotheby's after the exhibition from 3-24 May in New York.  Curated by British Vogue's Carol Walton and Sotheby's Frank Everett this selling exhibition will trace the evolutionof the flower as a design motif in jewellery from the 19th century t...


Lydia Courteille au PAD Monaco

Larissa Panok Nicolai   PAD , PAD Monaco, LydiaCourteille, exposition, luxe

Célébrons la 1ère édition du PAD Monaco avec Lydia Courteille et Objet d'Emotion à Monte-Carlo!
PAD Monaco s'impose comme un évenement incontournable en faisant naître des dialogues inédits entre les Arts Décoratifs et la Joaillerie. Nous vous attendons au Forum Grimaldi, Monaco
Stand  15 "Objet d'Emo...


Lydia Courteile's Trunk Show in Dallas, TX, USA

Larissa Panok Nicolai   Trunk Show, Dallas, LydiaCourteille, jewellry, jewellery

Lydia Courteille présente ses dernières creations à Dallas, TX.
Nous vous attendons à la galerie URBAN FLOWER GRANGE HALL les 25 et 26 Mars 2019 de 10h à 18h.


L'exposition Animalia Fashion a Museo della Moda e del Costume, Palazzo Pitti, Florence

Larissa Panok Nicolai   exhibition , palazzoPitti, LydiaCourteille, jewellry, haute joaillerie

The exhibition explores the relationship that fashion establishes with animals in an entertaining and poetic manner.

The 18 rooms over which the exhibition is spread open with a section devoted to spiders and continue with sections devoted to swans, shells, hedgehogs, fish, coral, parrots, lobster...


Lydia Courteille wishes to you romantic Saint Valentin Day and Night!

Larissa Panok Nicolai   StValentin, SaintValentin, LydiaCourteille, Jewellry, Jewelry

Lydia Courteille wishes to you romantic Saint Valentin Day and Night!