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Second book about Lydia Courteille

Larissa Panok Nicolai   Lydia Courteille , Book , High Jewelry

"A Jeweller’s Odyssey"

For more than 40 years, Parisian jeweller Lydia Courteille has been confounding the Place Vendome jewellery houses with her bold and brazen designs. Her unique and avant-garde style is legendary. Her collections spark the senses. In this impassioned new biography, Juliet Weir-de la Rochefoucauld takes us on a voyage around the world, sharing the stunning locations and famous women from whom Courteille draws inspiration.

In the disposable world of 21st century consumerism, amidst the monotony of marketing algorithms and ceaseless production lines, Lydia Courteille has forged her own creative path, refusing to let the individuality of her work slip from her fingers. Her jewels crystalise memories, honour the dead, make powerful social statements, poke fun at modern absurdities, and transport us to the other side of the planet. Guided by an acclaimed author and jewellery expert, this colourful monograph renders her odysseys of creation and discovery in stunning visual detail.