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New Haute Couture collection ProCreation

Larissa Panok NicolaÏ   ring , jewellry , highjewellry , Lydia Courteille, eggs

“A chicken and egg question!” A time immemorial paradox approached in this new collection by Lydia Courteille called humorously “Pro- Creation”.

But in the magical and overflowing imagination of the brand, why stop at the simple cracked chicken egg shell? All sorts of creatures hatch naturally or metaphorically:, crocodile, duck, chicken, turtle, frog, even a rabbit and a skeleton … Everything is in the end, created!

This new collection is a direct reference to the art of the Jewelry Designer; Lydia Courteille defines herself as a procreator and a creator of jewels. Indeed, these eggs were first procreated in the “Homage of Surrealism” collection with the skeleton that hatching out of the shell from Jerome Bosch and Dali.

But it’s also an allusion to the Jean de la Fontaine fable “The hen with the golden eggs »:

“How avarice loses all,

By striving all to gain,

I need no witness call

But him whose thrifty hen,

As by the fable we are told,

Laid every day an egg of gold.

“She has a treasure in her body,”

Bethinks the avaricious noddy.

He kills and opens—vexed to find

All things like hens of common kind.

Thus spoiled the source of all his riches,

To misers he a lesson teaches.

In these last changes of the moon,

How often does one see

Men made as poor as he

By force of getting rich too soon!”