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Lydia Courteille launches her new collection for Haute Couture 2018

Hélène Furgé   rhodochrosite, argentina, Haute Couture 2018 , Fashion Week , Inca , Spanish


Lydia Courteille introduces her new collection, freely inspired by most of the
influences componing the argentina civilization.

She draws her inspiration from her trips and travels. Colors, clothes, wildlife are
indless sources of inspiration. But, among all, imagine each jewel around the main
local stone, to engance it.

During her trip to Argentina, the designer rediscovered the rhodochrosite… unknown by the public it is yet the national stone in Argentina.

Taking her inspiration from all pre-colombian civilizations which left their marks in Argentina, especially Mapuches, Incas and Spanish, that was all it took to vcreate a passionate and colorful collection. Indeed, history, folklore, colors, clothes and wildlife are always endless sources of inspiration. 

Rhodochrosite is also known as the « Rosa del Inca », according to a diaguita
legend evoking two lovers living a forbidden love, and whom bodies where found
as a stone, like blood petals, short time after their death.

Come visit us, and be enchanted by the comb earrings, the mummy pendant, the flamingo ring and all the others pieces that form the Rosa del Inca collection...