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High Jewelry Collection "CARAVAN"
Larissa Panok Nicolai | 2020-07-06
Lydia Courteille presents her new

High Jewellery collection "Caravan"

Lydia Courteille takes you
on a long and impressive Caravan jo...
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Larissa Panok | 2020-05-25
We are pleased to annonce that the Flagship Boutique in Paris
is re-opened!

There are several options for you to shop at
Lydia Courte...
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Lydia Courteille

To start creating you have to be rebellious - courageous enough to refuse what has already been established.

Art doesn't exist without provocation.

Lydia Courteille
Lydia Courteille is a Parisian born gemologist and antique jewelry expert. She started to create more than ten years ago, conjuring up more than thirty collections.

Enter into fantastic world of Lydia Courteille…

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