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The home of rare jewels. A cabinet of curiosities. Mysterious. Extraordinary. And so go the countless words to describe Lydia Courteille’s Parisian shop and studio, not to mention her jewellery.

A collector of vintage jewellery in all shapes and forms, a gemologist, globetrotter and scientist, Lydia Courteille only began making jewellery a decade ago, but already she has established herself among some of the world’s most innovative and daring jewellery designers.

So what makes her unique? Each Lydia Courteille jewel makes fantasy a reality, from surrealist artworks brought to life in gold and enamel, to rockpools of opal glinting on the finger and cuffs of pink gemstone rabbits that evoke tumultuous Alice in Wonderland dreams.

Back to reality, we spoke with Lydia as she launches a brand new website and her latest Amazonia and Homage to Surrealism collections