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Interview de Lydia Courteille Par The Jewellery Editor

Cécile Laurent   interview, lydiacourteille, vendanges tardives, the jewellery editor

Coloured gemstones are synonymous with Parisian jewellery designer Lydia Courteille. Her provocative one-of-a-kind creations all tell a special story, and these luscious Vendange Tardive chandelier earrings, which form part of the Homage to Surrealism fine jewellery collection, represent the cycle of life. Fascinated by the surrealist movement and their iconoclastic approach to art, Lydia’s earrings are crowned by two skulls and depict mature grapes in a late harvest. The bright purple grapes are at their sweetest, fullest point in the cycle and about to wither. Lydia’s exceptional universe comes to life with her choice of flamboyant coloured gemstones including acid green tsavorites for the vine leaves, amethysts, diamonds and blue sapphires for the grinning skulls, all set into blackened gold.