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Six histoire of OKAVANGO river

Larissa Panok NicolaÏ   african collection , ring , Lydia Courteille, high jewellry, jewellry

There is a river Okavango between Botswana and Angola that running among the green meadows and bring a little freshness to the sands of Kalahari. Okavango hasn’t an outlet to the sea and never touches the ocean…

When the river is low during the dry season, from May till October, thousands of large animals are concentrated there: elephants, lions, leopards, zebras, wildebeest, gazelles, rhinoceros….

The collection OKAVANGO is inspired by animals that come to quench thirst. Remarkable “savoir-faire” of lapidary master – carved features of monkey, elephant, panther… Extraordinary hematite’s qualities are perfect for mirror effect of water.

The mirror effect reminds the story of Narcissus from Greek mythology:

“Narcissus was a young man who fell deeply in love with the nymph Echo. Echo repeats just last syllable of the words she hears, she is unable to express her love to Narcissus. After the conversation with him, she wants to touch the young man. She dies without mutuality. Because of impossible communication, Narcissus feels unable to love. He comes to pure source to quench his thirst. During watching at the reflection of his face he is ecstatic with himself; he admires everything that makes him admirable. Without suspecting it, he desires himself; he is the lover and the beloved person at the same time.

Lydia Courteille invites you to an extraordinary voyage in Africa, narcissistic blue monkey will be a guide of the journey .