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Sahara jewels in Top Class Magazine

J. Mazur   Lydia Courteille, jewels, Sahara, Top Class

Top Class publish a double page about the most beautiful creations presented at Baselworld this year. And they talk about Sahara jewels, the last collection by Lydia Courteille.

- Sahara Tiara, ref. 553974 : 18k gold, opals 11,26 grs, topazolites 0,37 gr, hessonites 2,47 grs, yellow sapphires 3,41 cts, sapphires 0,54 ct, black sapphires 0,02 ct, diamonds 0,06 ct

- Sahara Cuff, ref. 553996 : 18k gold, yellow sapphires 50,54 cts, sapphires 3,58 cts, diamonds 0,04 ct, black diamonds 0,01 ct, brown diamonds 20,48 cts, opal 20,42 grs

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