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Spring is coming !

J. Mazur  

And what's better than flowers to celebrate the spring ?

At Lydia Courteille's place, the nature is omnipresent : generous and colorfull, often with greedy insect walking among the petals. 

2017 is the green pantone year : it's a good opportunity to discover again the Amazonia Collection, with a lot of flowers in green turquoise, emeralds and tourmalins.

The Topkapi Collection is made with tulips and thistles, inspired by the Topkapi Palace's garden and earthenwares, in Istanbul. 

And what about the Clover, the emblem of Lydia Courteille's shop and lucky symbol ! You can wear it as a ring, earrings, or cufflinks. 

Each flower is unique, like Lydia Courteille's creations, so let's go to find your own ! 

Illustration : phosphosiderite and pink sapphires ring (ref. 553796 / price upon request)