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L'exposition Animalia Fashion a Museo della Moda e del Costume, Palazzo Pitti, Florence

Larissa Panok Nicolai   exhibition , palazzoPitti, LydiaCourteille, jewellry, haute joaillerie

The exhibition explores the relationship that fashion establishes with animals in an entertaining and poetic manner.

The 18 rooms over which the exhibition is spread open with a section devoted to spiders and continue with sections devoted to swans, shells, hedgehogs, fish, coral, parrots, lobsters with Lydia Courteille's earrings, babirusa, porcupinefish, snakes, beetles with Lydia Courteille's earrings, flies, bees and crocodiles with Lydia Courteille's cuff, winding up with butterflies.

8 January – 5 May 2019