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The ewhibition ANIMALIA FASHION at Museo della Moda e del Costume, Palazzo Pitti, Florence

Larissa Panok Nicolai   exhibition , palazzo pitti, florence, italy, lydia courteille, jewellry

Animalia Fashion is one of the most surprising and evocative installations in the field of Haute Couture, pure poetry in the juxtapositions proposed, yet at the same time an invitation to reflect on the wonders of the universe, if we consider the layout designed as a fantastic, hyperbolic natural history museum. Clothing, accessories and jewels become an experience, a journey of exploration probing the history of zoological science, but above all, a discovery of forms and colours that conjure up images of animals both common and rare. Contemporary style – the exhibition showcases items created between 2000 and 2018.

The 18 rooms over which the exhibition is spread open with a section devoted to spiders and continue with sections devoted to swans, shells, hedgehogs, fish, coral, parrots, lobsters with Lydia Courteille's earrings, babirusa, porcupinefish, snakes, beetles with Lydia Courteille's earrings, flies, bees and crocodiles with Lydia Courteille's cuff, winding up with butterflies.

8 January – 5 May 2019